Who is this fool?

… and why does he call himself the Games Librarian?

The short answer is that I’m a pretentious jackass who thinks he has something to say, and this blog is my outlet for that, rather than standing on a street corner and shouting at passing traffic.  Everything here is my opinion, and for the most part, you should probably disagree with it.  It’s a lot safer, that way.

The longer, more appreciably sane answer is that I’m a gamer.  I’ve gamed for far longer than I want to admit to, and over the years, I’ve amassed a substantial collection of gaming books.  Most people either grow up or run into financial difficulties, which force them to liquidate their collections and use the collected money and regret to move them forward in life.  I’ve kept my game books and used them to regret not moving forward in life.

At present, my library consists of probably close to 2,000 RPG books, dating from the very earliest days of white box D&D all the way up to the current releases.  Only the fact that I move rather rarely has kept my spine from snapping under the weight of these tomes.

So, that’s why I started a blog.  I’ve spent years reading and playing dozens of systems, and gods-damn it, you’re going to hear me talk about the things I like, the things that I don’t like, and whatever passing thought inspires me to write at a given moment.  More than likely, it will be about gaming, but heaven sent you no promises…

  1. happy to have met a fellow gamer. my exposure to game systems has been rather limited since the 80s, as I had a hardcore gaming group that only wanted to live in D&D land. Other than Gamma World, I’ve played with Boot Hill, Sidewinder (love mah westerns), Call of Cthulhu, Paranoia (man I miss that game), a bit of Star Wars (even though I kinda hate the whole franchise), and some Rifts. Never got into Pathfinder, as 2nd Edition keeps me happy without all the insane and crazy pedantic rules they introduced in 3.5.

    Have a new follower 🙂

  2. Oh some White Wolf, too. Mostly V:TM. But I could never find a decent GM for it.

  3. oh and yeah, I like to comment a lot. Hope thats cool. I find too many people are just lazy and push “Like”. Yes, ok, but whyyyyyyyyy. Annoys me. So if I like something, I add my two cents. 🙂

  4. Hey, not to link whore, but I linked you in a recent post and want to make sure that you do not feel that I have misrepresented you.


    Thanks for a great blog,

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