Most Recent RPG Purchase — #RPGaDay2015, Day 5

Well, if nothing else, this spate of writing has allowed me to close the distance.  I started out nearly a week behind, and by tomorrow, I should have caught myself up to the point where I can focus on a mere 1,000 words a day.  (Whuf.  At some point soon, I should lower my standards a little.  It’s not like I’m getting paid for any of these words.)

And as far as topics go, this is a fun one, really.  Coming off the crest of the Gen Con, there’s plenty to be considered as a recent purchase.  (As one vendor at the convention asked me, “Did you come to Gen Con to save money?”)  In the same breath, I’m caught wondering how inclusive to be with this entry.  How much interest is there going to be in a cross-sectional listing of what I most recently brought home and stuck into the as-yet unorganized Library?

Then I think to myself, there are less than ten readers shuffling through this site.  Am I going to offend or bore anyone that’s left?

Most Recent RPG Purchase

Pre-Gen Con, there was the previous noted internet fire sale that netted me a bunch of Cthulhu Mythos stuff at ridiculous discounts.  This included The Laundry, along with several supplements.  As I was to learn at Gen Con, there are far more books for this game line than I had anticipated.  At least this is a good start.  There was also Actung! Cthulhu and World War Cthulhu, which only really included the main books for the line.  Still plenty of reading material when I get to it.  And finally, there was the final two issues of Worlds of Cthulhu, which ranks as my favorite gaming periodical of recent years.  I picked up the first couple issues while I was living in South Korea, so this magazine is hardly printed on a regular basis.  I’m not even sure if it is still considered to be in production, but I will gladly buy more if they make more.

At Gen Con, there was the Lone Wolf Adventure Game, which I had purchased with the Kickstarter and picked up at the convention.  This game is a beautiful, wonderful thing.  The only downside also ranks as one of its selling points, oddly.  Cubicle 7 is working to bring back the idea of the boxed set game, which means that they’re trying to recapture the helpful inclusiveness of the old Red Box D&D (both the original and the 4e version).  Both One Ring and Lone Wolf are working under this philosophy, which is a fine thing, but boxed sets are something of a headache for me, both in how to include them in my Library and how to keep from beating them to shreds in the course of play.  I far prefer hardcovers these days, simply because I know they’ll stand up.

I also picked up a copy of the Heaven and Earth edition of Tenra Bansho Zero, which means I have hardcover editions of this game as well.  Sadly, my world book was damaged in transit back, and I’m currently considering tracking down another copy, just to be safe.  It’s a hefty price to pay for a game I have yet to play, but I have high hopes for this game, once I have time and space to work up a campaign for it.

From the used game bin, I harvested some properly odd offerings.

First up was a fairly cheap copy of Torg Revised & Expanded, which originally priced at $50 and seems to go for thrice that these days.  Suffice to say, I found a steal on that one.  (They also had a copy of Continuum, which I was tempted by, but they actually knew the value of that one.)  The Torg R&E gives me a spare copy of that game, should I need it.  I may trade it off, depending, but that remains to be seen.

In the same booth as the Torg book, I found a decent copy of Blood of Heroes, the old Mayfair DC Heroes RPG with all of the trademarks and serial numbers carefully scraped off.  I’d parted with my original copy some years back, as a friend of mine was heavily into the simplified Batman RPG rules and wanted to play bigger and gnarlier games.  The copy I found needs to be pressed flat, as it had been stored badly and the spine needs to be straightened.

And finally, I found a copy of Age of Ruin in a different stall, at 50% of original retail.  This one is interesting in that it comes from an otherwise unknown RPG company (their other product line, Into the Badlands, doesn’t even exist at Noble Knight), published in 1990 as a one-off, and I game with one of the developers of the game.  I can’t say that it’s a good game, but it is an interesting artifact of the time.  It’s a weird, post-apocalyptic RPG with terrible artwork, questionable concepts, and a percentile core system.  But it’s worth what I paid for it, in terms of conversation piece, and that makes it worthy of sitting on the shelf.  The strange thing is that Noble Knight normally wants $60 for this artifact, which is weird in itself.  And apparently, there was an Age of Ruin adventure that made it into White Wolf Magazine, back in the day.

There was also a copy of Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer #5 in the same booth, which was pretty strange.  This was a short-lived incarnation of an earlier, influential gaming magazine of the first years of gaming.  I had picked up copies of the magazine when it was originally published (gads, that’s telling my age), but my copies are lost somewhere in the ethers of various moves.  The idea behind the magazine was to offer ideas for the popular games of the time, as well as including one complete and wholly playable RPG in each issue.  Issue #5 had powersuit cops as its basis, which was pretty solidly presented and looked like it might have been a Cyberpunk 2020 scenario otherwise.

That covers my recent purchases, but it’s worth noting that these were specific purchases under specific circumstances.

By comparison, my upcoming purchases will be a little more mainstream.  This will include a copy of the Force and Destiny main book (now that it’s out), a new copy of Edge of the Empire (as I gave away my original copy), a new Pathfinder core book (to counter the wear and tear), copies of Occult Adventures, Advanced Race Guide, Advanced Class Guide, and a couple of Pathfinder Bestiaries.  I might splurge on the Giantslayer Adventure Path, but that will depend on what sales I manage.  Otherwise, I’m debating an entry into the Krosmaster minis game, simply because I’ve been pressured by one of my friends in that direction (and there are some deals I have found), and I need to get some of the new X-Wing pieces when I get a chance.


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