An Update Post on the Subject of Hiatus

In the past, I’ve tried to maintain a blog.  It hasn’t gone well.  I’ve had people from all quarters encourage me, but it never really took.  Then for whatever reason, the planets aligned, and this blog finally took flight.  I set very specific goals, put a lot of thought and pre-planning into the idea, and hardened myself to carve out enough time each day to actually write.

And it’s gone well, more or less.

I managed to keep up a solid goal of daily posting (with one momentary lapse which I later corrected), and I’ve kept to my personal goal of a word count.  I haven’t done much to promote the blog, but that’s keeping with my own personal outlook on things, rather than anything else.  I’ve largely kept this blog anonymous, simply because it would be problematic if I were connected with some of the commentary I have made.  While I think games like Savage Worlds are an egregious waste of ink and a step backward in gaming evolution, I like hanging out and talking to people like Shane Hensley at conventions.  It’s easier if I am not bound by having to watch what I say, even if I rarely go off about bad decisions in game design.  (Onyx Path, notwithstanding.)

I’ve come to realize some things about this blog in the process of writing it.  For one thing, a daily blog is only really applicable when there are multiple authors and it’s part of a larger news organization.  As a one man show, it’s a little clunky and can lead to some serious dry spells.  I can point to the entries where I’d run out of inspiration and had to fall back on my own skill at writing, rather than the rush of words from a wellspring if ideas.  (Hint:  When I start into reviews of modules, that usually means that I ran out of gaming philosophy to discuss.  It’s the sad truth.)

Also, the goal of 1,000 words that I set for myself is a nice round number, but the end result is a little weird.  I went back and tallied up the word count of my blog entries, not including the titles.  Over the course of 94 entries, I’ve manage to rack up a weirdly high amount of text.  Translated into novel pages, this would be over 300 pages of solid text.  Read aloud, it would take nearly 16 hours to wade through everything I’ve written thus far.

Impressive, no?

Well, so long as you don’t want to grind your way through the archives.  When it’s gone to that point, there’s virtually no chance that a person will delve into the attic to find a gem.  There’s simply too much to deal with.  I mean, I like reading more than the next guy, but I’m not entirely certain that I would want to wade through that much text when I’ve got other things to do with my day.  And I have the feeling that this has managed to discourage some members of my small audience, if they weren’t already casually familiar with the blog.  It’s one thing to read this stuff on a daily basis, but if you were tasked with catching up on material that you’d missed, it might not be worth the time and trouble to do so.

The other thing to keep in mind is how generally taxing it is to keep up on, in terms of both time and general creative impetus.  When I was making a point of keeping up on a daily posting, there wasn’t a lot of other writing that was being done in my life, which was an interesting note to make.  I have a lot of other writing projects that I’m involved in, but many of them fell to the side when I was meticulously updating on a daily basis.  Putting the blog on hiatus has had the effect of allowing those projects to come back to the fore.  While there hasn’t been a lot of daily forward progress on such things, there’s been more than there would have been.

So, what is the Librarian going to be doing, now that his blog posts are no longer going to be a daily occurrence?  Quite a lot, actually, which is why I made the decision to go on hiatus when I did.  I didn’t want the quality to suffer any more than it already had started to.  (Warped and incoherent as they might be, these are the standards I try to hold myself to.)

First off, I’m looking at packing up and moving.  I’ve been in the same place for over eight years, and it’s simply time to move onward.  An opportunity has opened up, with others that may follow, and I’m bound elsewhere.  As such, I need a fair amount of time to pack, given that my library is merely one section of things.

Secondly, I need to refinish the house that I’m moving to.  Part of the aforementioned opportunity has to do with being able to find a properly sized house in my particular price range, with the understanding that I have to do a fair amount of work simply to make it habitable.  This will include everything from hanging drywall all the way through the finish carpentry and plumbing, so I know there’s a lot of work ahead of me.  I’ll have help, but there’s still a month or so that I need to devote solely to swinging a hammer and wielding a paintbrush.

While doing the physical labor, I’m looking at spending a lot of time working through the systems and intricacies of the game that I’ve been trying to finish.  Big surprise there, I guess, that someone with as much to say about the back catalogue and history of gaming would want to make his own impression upon the industry.  Most of the system is in place and I’ve run some playtests, but there’s still a lot that needs to be built out in terms of the worldset and certain picky elements of the dice.  There’s another gaming project that’s unrelated to this that I have been devoting time to, but at present, that particular idea is in another writer’s hands.  When it’s done, I’ll be looking to publish that as well.

Here’s to hoping, at least.

Finally, there’s the novel I’ve been writing.  If there’s any time left over, after packing and hauling are out of the way and the house is being made vaguely habitable, I’ll be putting time into finishing the book.  It’s about halfway done, hitting about 50K words, and the hope is to have that further on by the time summer is done with.  Most of the rest of the plot is planned out, so it’s mostly a matter of putting the time into it.  Sadly, that time recently has been going to the blog, so it just amounts to figuring which creative outlet is being robbed for which purpose.

That’s what I want to do for my summer vacation.  We’ll see where it ends up.  And if I get any decent inspiration along the way, as it pertains to the subject of gaming in general, I’ll post something up.  With luck, I’ll be able to keep to a single post a week, but I’m not promising anything.  Hells, we nearly hit the end of this week without anything, so there’s no real way to tell.


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